As a writer, pastor, musician and speaker I often find that my passion for helping people work through their emotions to put words to their grief and loss, leads to them discovering a new strength in themselves. It is an honor to witness someone discover their breakthrough. I call these light beam moments. 

I fundamentally believe that part of what makes us human is our ability to grieve. Part of what makes us mature and whole is our ability to grieve well. That's my role, to help groups and individuals navigate the grieving process. This is critical when it comes to men and women and when it comes to communities of color. We need to learn to talk about what we are feeling. So, lets talk about it!

Another aspect of my role is to help lead tough conversations around race and trauma. I did my seminary work, working in the Virginia Prison system helping ex-felons reconnect to society. I spent my Doctoral work helping churches and systems connect with millennials. I have spent much of the last 10 years of ministry working in communities to unite different groups and help give them tools to relate to one another. 

This past year much of that work has centered around Saint Paul/Minneapolis. With the death of George Floyd I have spent a lot of time connecting community members with therapy, counseling and healing circles. I am passionate about "repairing the breech"  by helping each of us grasp the role that that racialized trauma has played in our lives. 


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